Welcome to CryptoKyril’s Quick Crypto Trading Course (or “QCTC”, sounds great)! Here I will try to explain the basics of trading. Yes, I said “basics”, because this course is aimed at people wanting to learn the basics – the beginners. The thing is, these basics are usually omitted. Even if you consider yourself a skilled professional, I suggest you get over the lessons at least with a blink of an eye. Perhaps it helps.

If you want to learn about trading patterns, how to recognize the signs of a falling or rising market, etc., you would get a more sound advice from a professional, not me – I know a bit of this but surely not as much as I would like. Perhaps, one day (or if I get enough requests), I will write it down.

Lesson 1: Charts

Here you will learn about candlestick charts – the chart that is used the most in trading – how to read them, the importance of their elements, what to look out for, etc.

Lesson 2: Orders

If you want to trade (buy/sell) crypto, most of the exchanges will allow you to make an ORDER (to buy/sell that cryptocurrency) in more ways than one. Buying and selling for actual market price should not be your only trading option – you miss many opportunities this way. If you want to be prepared for market’s fluctuations or trade even when sleeping, you should know how!


This is not a normal lesson but rather a special ending chapter to this course. It contains the summary and description of those exchanges that I use and trust. You can also find the information on how I choose the right exchange to buy/sell certain coins.

Final words

I hope this course helps you get into trading, I based it on the information that I had to look up when starting. I will continually add more lessons as I get more requests. Comment under this article or contact me HERE if you would like to see something specific. Otherwise, use the link below to get to the HUB.

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