Ah, so you made it to this post, congratulations! If you skipped the previous intro articles (Preface and FAQ), what a pity, they took me very long to write! You can always return to them later – like now if you wish, use the links below. Otherwise, skip the links and let’s get on with the show!

This is the great finale to my and your introduction.

To sum up, all in all, I (and millions of others) believe that crypto is the future of economy! In the articles on this site, I will guide you to the easiest and quickest way to get involved and build yourself a better future. It may be quite a struggle to find where to start, you have to learn to buy crypto coins, exchange them, invest them or store them. You might try going over videos, searching Google, reading books, but that is going to take its time. I want to show and introduce it to you without any fuss, that is why I started this website. You can always continue with the specifics later on. Heed my warning though, this is a dangerous world so be willing to take risks.

Oh, what a fine intro this was. Nevertheless, I must now show you my list of WARNING NOTICES. You will find here a list of things to do and not to do when getting involved. I will gradually update the contents as I get a feel of my future mistakes or mistakes of others.  This is very important! READ CAREFULLY, TWICE AND EVERY TIME YOU COME TO THIS WEBSITE!

General trading and lending notice

  • Only trade or lend what you are willing to LOSE!!!
  • Trading on exchanges and lending on lending websites are risky operations!
  • There are no refunds in trading, once you lose money, you lose money, no one is giving it back!
  • When you gain money, you gain it and it is yours to trade further or withdraw, no one is taking it back!
  • Lending always comes with the risk of someone running away with your money or refusing to give it back!
  • If you are not willing to take the risk in trading, do not trade!
  • If you are not willing to take the risk in lending, do not lend!
  • If you do not like the idea of losing even a small amount of money, please, do not attempt any of the things I describe on this website!

General crypto notice

  • Crypto currencies are unregulated land. Mistakes hurt. If you write a wrong address when you send a payment from your BTC wallet, no one is going to return it anymore, it is literally lost!
  • If you enter an incorrect address of your wallet, when withdrawing money from exchange to your wallet, it is lost!
  • Your wallet gives you multiple addresses for all the crypto currencies that are stored in it (in case of a multi-asset wallet). This address can only be used on the blockchain that gave you the address! ETH (Ethereum) has its own address, BTC has its own address. Never send BTC to a different address other than BTC, never send ETH to a different address other than ETH! The addresses might look similar (mix of letters and numbers), but they serve different blockchains!
  • If you send crypto to an address and this address belongs to someone unjust, unfair, a thief or fraudster (or just someone who does not care), he is not going to give it back (and you will not even be able to identify the person)!
  • Do not risk too much, always have a backup plan. If you lose 10 USD worth of BTC, it is not going to hurt that much. If you lose 1 BTC, you are going to tear your hairs out. But it is lost forever. I made mistakes, I know this!
  • Risk will always be there! However, as investing crypto goes, if you have legitimate information and predictions (you read and understand, see the potential), investing even a larger sum does NOT need to be classified as TOO MUCH RISK! Do not fear everything, otherwise, you will never win! Research, healthy confidence and consistency is the key!
  • Cryptocurrency transactions have a cost. They are not free, some cryptocurrencies have higher fees, some smaller. The SENDER always pays the fee, the recipient gets the funds for free. Withdrawing (sending) funds from your private wallet will always cost you something - your wallet should inform you about the fee.  BTC blockchain has much higher fees than ETH (Ethereum).  One rule applies for all cryptocurrencies - if you send many small transactions, it will cost more than one big transaction because the number of necessary blockchain confirmations will be higher. Find more information in the FAQ question HERE.
  • Some exchanges DO NOT APPLY fees when sending crypto currencies from their wallet to a different address (e.g. your private wallet or address on a different exchange) as they have their own fee system applied. Use this to your advantage!
  • If exchanges DO APPLY HIGH transfer fees when you want to withdraw just a SMALL AMOUNT of funds and send it to another exchange, do not just withdraw it! You are not in crypto to lose your precious money, make some calculations first! If we were talking about withdrawal of 100 EURO worth of BTC, BTC's confirmation fees could at some point get quite high, even 25 (or higher) EURO from those 100. Rather than withdrawing that small amount of BTC with a high fee, you could (based on the current exchange ratio) convert the amount sent to other cryptocurrency first, let's say LTC (small transfer fee, short confirmation time), send that LTC to your destination exchange and convert it back to BTC (or convert it to EURO if you just want fiat money). Maybe, you would not lose that much this way (not as much as you would if you paid those BTC fees) and you could also receive those LTC funds sooner than you would get those BTC (because LTC has shorter confirmation time, at least for now). This requires a bit of planning and research. Unfortunately, if you really want just that BTC or do not have time for research, there may not be another way but to pay those fees. 
  • If you own multiple private wallets and want to send funds between them - do not send the funds using the standard WITHDRAW function! At least not when using BTC (fees may be high). Instead, if your wallet supports this (not every one supports it), export your private keys from one wallet (the one you are sending from) and import those keys to another (the one you are sending to). More information can be found in FAQ question HERE.
  • Be careful about HARD FORKS. Do not use your funds right after the fork without knowing anything about the fork itself. You can find more information in FAQ question HERE
  • Be careful about "Pump and Dump"s. If a coin's price jumps up or rises very quickly without any reasonable explanation, something may be wrong! If you join and invest too late, you may lose your money very quickly! Do not fall for it! More information in FAQ question HERE.
  • Only send money to exchanges or websites that are legitimate and used worldwide. There are many scam websites that try to lure you to investing in them! Some try to gift you free bitcoins in case you invest, do not fall for it, nothing is free and there is always a catch! Nice list of scams can be found HERE - great effort from the author.
  • Never leave too much money on exchanges! When it is on exchanges, coins are not yours, they are in the wallet that belongs to the exchange and the private key to that wallet also belongs to the exchange. If the exchange gets hacked or decides to run away with the money, the money is lost. No one is giving it back!
  • Never, ever, disclose your private keys from your wallet! If you do, anyone, anywhere on planet Earth with access to the internet, could get the chance to withdraw your money!
  • Never use and share the same passwords, pin codes or other passphrases in multiple services! Choose a different password for your wallet, a different one for you login on exchanges, a different one for your email etc.!

Crypto trading notice

  • Crypto currencies are the most unpredictable assets on the market with high volatility (it can instantly rise to the sky by 100% in a few seconds just as fall right down to the depth of the chart)! You can lose thousands in seconds or become a millionaire over night!
  • Do not look at the chart every single second, this will drive you insane! Momentum requires time! Predict and/or risk or do not trade at all!

Crypto lending notice

  • Lending to crypto companies is high-risk but the profit gained may be worth it. If you decide to lend, do not make lending your only crypto investment, lending is a side income. Start investing small, reinvest and get it big!
  • In crypto market, no one is bound by law to return your invested money. If they run, they run and you lose money. Do not lend at all if you are not sure the service is legit or that it truly pays its users! This is why you should start small, try it out and then continue based on your experience!

Last notice

  • Every service/website that I talk about or every link you see on this website, I tested it and tried it!
  • I traded on the exchanges I mention and I still do!
  • I value anonymity and so should you. I will never ask for any kind of your personal information other than your nickname (your first name if you want), your public blockchain address (if you win something) or email address in case some two-way communication is required - if you want to receive a reply or something else from me. If someone asks you for other personal information in the name of this website, it is a scammer!
  • This website does not contain any advertisements for products I did not try myself. I will not advertise anything (or even acknowledge existence of anything I have not read about or used myself), so, please, do not ask for that!
  • Some links you find on this website are my affiliate or referral links. By registering through them you support me (at no cost to you) and the funds I gain I will use to continue with what I do here. I will never be an affiliate to any high-risk services! If you do not like this, please, do not use the links!

Scary, huh? RISK and FEAR are the words that most describe my WARNING NOTICES. But, please, do not worry. You could trip over a trash can and get impaled with your broomstick a few minutes after this moment – so a broomstick is also a risky material. But you will not, you are a sane person who would not trip over a trash can! There will always be risks. Many huge companies like Microsoft or Apple would not exist if they did not take a risk. Be consistent, make and follow rules!  Minimizing those risks (risk management) and maximizing profits is the key to victory.  I am here to help!

For months I was without any capital, but then I saw a potential in crypto and digital market and gradually got more confident. I was burnt a few times, yes, I was stupid, I try not being stupid ever since then. I will show you how to avoid my stupid mistakes. Time for a quote (I know I probably used the quote incorrectly, I just wanted to try it, do not judge).

I am not showing you anything I did not get a feel of myself. What you see on this blog, I tried, tested and profited and so I plan to continue using these methods and services. How long? Only time will tell. What about you?CryptoKyril

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