Well, you guessed it right, this is where I put the EXTRA things I make. Although the name of this website is what it is, if you are expecting to find only things connected to “crypto” here, you may end up disappointed (or surprised maybe, yeah, I would like you to be at least a bit surprised), one page might be related to crypto, another will not even mention it.

The links on this page will lead you to these special other pages with special content.


A little game I invented for the people who come to Crypto Buyer’s Guide. Why? To quench your thirst for adventure, to give you an opportunity to take a little time off that crypto trading. How? By giving you a puzzle to solve. Remember, the game NEVER ends!

Art of Gold

I have not been here for long and to document how long, I decided to make some unique presentation every time some new celebration occurs. What does that have to do with crypto? Nothing! However, I must put my energy somewhere. Enjoy!