Hey guys! I know what you are asking yourselves right now. What the … (thousand words here like “pony’s bottom”) is this page?

In the preface of this blog I wrote about my fascination with games and my intention to make one. I do not just like making games, I also like playing them. Over the years I have become a bit of an expert… and I really dig adventure games!

Yeah, I know what you are asking. What kind of things flow through your head, Kyril? Well, you will see… in a while.


You cannot see anything here for now, I am preparing the contents of this page and will try to release it till that 2018 comes. I am not telling you what to expect, you might get disappointed. It is just an experiment I have always wanted to try. I will announce the restart of this page in the HUB.

Nevertheless, not to break the habit, here is my 404 page. Enjoy!

Nothing but Dust!

Sorry to tell you this, there is nothing here, nothing but DUST! I am currently preparing the contents of this page and it will take some time to finish it. Until then, the only thing to see here is DUST and, for those well versed in the world of internet fun, John Cena! See you soon!
Just dust
Nothing but Dust!

To da HUB!