Well, well, well…

Donations? Really? You really want to? Cheating, are we? Listen to the wise words probably said by that spectacular woman.

Oh naah!

Yeah, naah! You will find NO donation options here, you have to do something to get a chance to donate – you know, nothing is free, not even a chance to give your own money. So, if you still want to keep looking for something or have some free time to play a little game, return to the FAQ using the link at the bottom of the page and read the whole text!

Damn, I am so going to get busted for this. I hope you are still calm, dear reader. If someone were to donate after this kind of show, that must be a real believer.

Nevertheless, as this page is not really supposed to exist and I do not want to break the habit, here is my 404 page. Enjoy!

Nothing but Dust!

Sorry to tell you this, there is nothing here, nothing but DUST! And, for those well versed in the world of internet fun, John Cena! I do not know how you got here but, as you are already here, scroll a bit down to get to the FAQ or the HUB and see some real content! Or, if you want a completely unrelated suggestion, go learn some knitting!
Just dust
Nothing but Dust!

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