Welcome to my special *ehm* portfolio. No, this has nothing to do with my crypto portfolio! If you have not noticed it already, my mind often unexpectedly drifts to completely useless and unrelated stuff. But, what the hell, I have not made this website just to give out ONLY RELEVANT information, no, no, no. I also like to spread joy!

On rare occassion (like celebrating Christmas or whenever I get that creative spirit), I tend to make something just for fun. I am a bit of a gamer, so my ideas usually involve something connected to that. It is usually in a form of an image and accompanying text, although one never knows what one’s mind can come up with. On this page you can find these “ideas”. I always supply links so you can download whatever I create in the highest quality.

If you like what you see or have some nice ideas of your own for fufute reference, let me hear them through the contact form HERE. Okay, I am done talking. Enjoy!

Santa and His Elf “Army” – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018! (29-12-2017)

First, a poem – it is supposed to rhyme.

If you do not celebrate Christmas now, that is ok,

nevertheless, this still applies to you, so be sure to behave!

I hope you’ve been good, for your own sake,

Santa is coming and he’s not bringing a cake.

After all these years, he’s had enough,

punishing the bad ones has been getting increasingly tough.

This year he’s bringing something special, many elves involved,

you’d say that Santa’s taste has finally evolved.

If you’ve been good, you have nothing to fear,

Santa may even bring you a beer.

If you’ve been bad, you may still have a chance, so finish that chore,

for this year, Santa is coming and he’s ready for war!

And now, behold!

Santa and the elf "army"
Santa the barbarian decided to go tough this year. He added angry polar bears to his reindeer herd. He also asked his elves to help him out a bit. The elves listened and brought some “toys”.

Versions to download

  • HERE – 1920×1080 JPG, 90% quality (small in size, but may contain visible artifacts)
  • HERE – 1920×1080 JPG, 100% quality